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Universal Pulley System


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Made in the USA.

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UPS High Review

Incredibly Impressive Quality!

"Everyone loves the Pullies! 3 guys have worked out over here since i got it and they are all impressed. They all go to commercial gyms and say this is smoother and nicer!"

Jacob Justice, Bodybuilder & Electrical Engineer

Best Addition to my Rack!

Just got mine a couple of days ago after a long wait - it was well worth every minute! Best addition to my rack by far! Well designed, craftsmanship is flawless and the packaging was excellent!

Phillip Smith, Fitness Enthusiast

I can't recommend this product enough!

"I've had the UPS High for a couple weeks now and can without a doubt state that it is my favorite piece of equipment. The beauty of it is in its simplicity. It sits flush on top of my rack without taking up hardly any space. It functions beautifully!"

William Long, Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Famer & Active US Air Force

The Greatest thing since Sliced Bread!

"The Surplus Strength UPS is HANDS DOWN the greatest thing since sliced bread!! Adding a quality pulley system to your rack literally couldn't get any easier than this! Cleverly designed and constructed out of premium materials right here in the USA!"

Matthew Pendergraph

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"The Best Lat-Pulldown Rack Attachment!"

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Craftsmanship is always our focus. We will not compromise on our mission to bring value to our customers. Let us help you build a training space that is perfect for you. With deliberate attention to detail and our knowledge and experience, we can make your home gym dreams come true.


All our products are designed and made in our home gym HQ, right here in the heart of The Volunteer State.